35 Ft. Fifth Wheel Tiny House

Fifth wheel tiny house – Living in a fifth wheel trailer is a larger full-time expression of freedom because it can take you to your home where you want to go. If you want to be in mild climates, for example. Then you can simply drive the trailer to a new location when the weather […]

Best Tiny House with Bedroom Downstairs

Tiny house with bedroom downstairs – When building a single family house, how do you normally divide the rooms and put the rooms on ground floor? Any building needs at least one bathroom, a kitchen is at least one more room that can be the bedroom, for example. If the construction is of 2 rooms […]

Cheap Converting Shed into Tiny House

Converting shed into tiny house – Starting with establish a preliminary budget for the project. Be sure to include the costs of outside assistance for experts, as needed. Getting a qualified plumber and electrician when necessary is essential for safety and inspection purposes in certain situations. Evaluate shed for necessary upgrades. Take measurements. Decide what […]

Build Tiny House Neighborhood

Tiny house neighborhood – Keeping close to your friends is something that is not always possible. Because everyone has their projects, forms their own family and ends up distancing themselves. It is common. But, what if that group of endearing brothers decides not to allow the separation to happen, and do their best to be […]

32 ft Gooseneck Tiny House

Gooseneck tiny house – Here are 3 tips chosen for you on how to make the most of every corner of your gooseneck tiny house. First, the subscale. In those that have stairs, they often remain wasted space. Stairs in an environment can take away a lot of space, which seems difficult to use for […]

Floor Plans for Tiny Houses 2 Storey

Floor plans for tiny houses – In order to build a house, it is necessary to have a plot of land, then to take the necessary measures to organize and plan the size of the house. And from there to make a budget for the materials to be used. Some people look for small houses […]

2 Story Tiny Houses Plans

Tiny houses plans – Want to have a tiny houses with 1 bathroom? Upon entering we should find the living room that has a virtual separation with the kitchen through a breakfast bar. It does not have hall or distribution hall. Directly from the room, you enter the unsuited room, which poses the problem of […]

Charming Tiny House Design

Tiny house design – Will 35 square meters house is enough to life? Here are some useful tips and ideas on how to furnish a tiny house design. First, reduce internal divisions. A trick to visually expand the space is to minimize internal partitions by creating a single day and night area. For the living […]

Build Tiny House Shed

Tiny house shed– A tiny storage shed can be converted into simple residential quarters with the addition of some pieces of furniture and household items. While a storage shed cannot be the ideal living space, it can earn suitable living Keep when staying at home a friend or family member for an extended period of […]

Narrow Tiny House Bedroom

Tiny house bedroom – In a tiny house bedroom, the bed must be the fulcrum of the entire room. Concentrate, therefore, on the choice of a beautiful bed, to be placed in the middle of the room. Also, opt for a container bed, it will provide you more space to store your laundry or other […]