Dark Large Wall Art for Living Room

You like art and little by little you have acquired works to decorate your house; you may now face several problems: what is the best way to display them?  Which rooms are the most appropriate? , How I have to hang them if they are paintings or graphic work? Here I present a series of […]

Amazing Living Room Wall Mirrors

Living room wall mirrors – A well and properly hung mirror can add a lot of beauty to most living rooms. Not only can it give the room a more spacious feel, but it can also be used to improve the interior design of the room. It is very important to determine whether the mirror […]

Best Color for Living Room Walls Blue

What best color for living room walls should you paint your room to make it look bigger? The first answer that comes to mind is white, the most obvious choice but not the only one. There are other tones that can give a new twist to your room without losing amplitude. The room is a […]

Accent Wall Living Room Ideas

Accent wall living room – Many of us live day by day with beige, legs, and stained walls. A big change of life or just a change in heart can inspire you to refresh your interiors cape, even if you only touch one or two rooms. A fast, simple (and reparable) way to live a […]