Small lake house plans with screened porch, gardens and terraces are spaces. That although they are not indispensable in the house they make it a more pleasant place. And in general they give us more happiness. Regarding the porch, this is a space attached to the house, with a roof and usually totally free on […]

Adding a Screened Porch to a House Amazing

Adding a screened porch to a house treat pictures of lazy evenings on a swing, sip iced tea or juice and talk with friends and family. When building or remodeling a screened porch, the kind of screening you are using an important decision. Shields are available in a variety of materials and colors, with some […]

Build House Plans with Screened Back Porch

House plans with screened back porch, made of wood or stone, have this structural element that is very common in homes with a warm climate. Such as the Mediterranean and is different from the pergolas, which are spaces only to create shade. Besides having a major importance in regard to the architecture of the house […]

Build a Carport with Storage Shed Attached To House

Carport With Storage Shed Attached – Carport three cars and garages are a much more familiar sight at home than two decades ago. For homeowners who do not have three cars, additional space can be consider a gift. Previously considered a luxury, three garage cars became more standard in many suburban areas in the early […]

Small House Plans With Screened Porches Addition

Small House Plans With Screened Porches – The front porch is a living space that increases the feeling of well-being in our interior, creating an area that allows us to enjoy the garden and nature that. These ordinary open porch spaces have a screen that helps protect from solar, making the front porches a place […]

Amazing One Story House Plans with Porches

One story house plans with porches are characterized by a single floor design and an indoor tone. They tend to have large patios in the backyard instead of prominent porches. If your ranch house has a monotonous or unimpressive porch. You can camouflage and give life to the facade of your home with creative and […]

Brick House Plans With Front Porch Columns

House plans with front porch columns – The first thing a person sees when they see your home from the road is its appeal. And the initial thought of your home is based on how to invite your front porch. If your front porch is dark and unkempt. It can give the audience an uneasy […]

Farmhouse Floor Plans Wrap around Porch Add On

Farmhouse floor plans wrap around porch architectural columns are a great addition to any commercial project. New home construction or restoration project. Fiberglass columns are the most economical, versatile and the longest durable column in the market. Because of their construction materials, fiberglass columns are resistant to elements and insects. They do not need to […]

Small Houses with Porches Barn

Small houses with porches – The porch is a space that increases the feeling of well-being in our homes, creating an area that allows us to enjoy the outdoors and nature that surrounds us. These simple open spaces have a cover that helps protect from solar incidence, making the porches a place to spend a […]

Front Porch Ideas for Small Houses Brick

Front porch ideas for small houses – The word porch is derived from the Latin word “porta”, which means “door” or “entrance”; this architectural element is a great idea to decorate the exterior of our house, since in addition to shading it when the days are very sunny, we can enjoy the freshness of the […]