Awesome Living Room Floor Lamps

Living room floor lamps are beautiful and functional, but have some disadvantages, such as occupying a space in the room that would be free if a pendant or a spot on the wall was used. But they also have their advantages: they can change places by redecorating the space easily, they illuminate at half height, […]

Living Room Lamps Arc

The living room lamps and the brightness of the room are fundamental in the design of living rooms. It is essential the luminosity by natural and essential light but, also it is the artificial light and the design in lamps of living room. The amount of light is directly proportional to the sense of spaciousness, […]

Hang Living Room Chandelier

The traditional living room chandelier is reinvented with daring designs. It is no longer necessary to have a stately room to bet on one of them. The new models are more versatile – they mix sizes and shapes, they recycle elements from day to day … – and they also adapt to other spaces in […]