Modern Small Lake House Plans

We take as reference to name this article to the homonymous American film the small lake house plans where the protagonist of the film is a house and where also of the plot (between real and fantastic) that talks about the action of destiny in relationships between people, is an excuse to talk about architecture. […]

Small Lake House Decorating Ideas Cost

If it’s about enjoying nature and contemplating the countryside, why not use large glass panels to enjoy the natural environment? A wooden small lake house decorating ideas made of rough, painted or apparent wood logs, is mixed with the landscape and the rustic ambience of the countryside. Imagine having a cabin by the lake, as […]

Build Small Lake House Plans with Screened Porch

Small lake house plans with screened porch – This house was built with an apparent wood structure, water roof tile walls and colonial masonry with exposed bricks and yellow paint of two decks. The terrace around the house works as an open terrace, and proposes a total integration with the surrounding nature. This very compact […]

Adorable Small Lake House Design

The main attraction of a country house is its surroundings and sharing with nature. Therefore, the house can be so small that it ensures convenience and comfort. Today we present small lake house, with professional design of different materials and styles, but they have many things in common, such as functionality, comfort and aesthetic and […]