Best Tiny House Bus Conversion

Tiny house bus conversion – Have you ever thought about living on a school bus? An American mother dreamed of homeownership, but her budget was too limited to allow him to advance to a purchase. So he decided to make a “small house,” a miniature house. Turning an old abandoned school bus into a functional […]

Backyard Home Depot Shed Tiny House

Home depot shed tiny house – From an old shed it is possible to obtain housing units, simply by carefully dividing the available space. In order not to risk getting a result that is not up to par, it would be appropriate to contact an architect. With whom we could express our ideas and from […]

Expandable Tiny House Art

Expandable tiny house – This small construction expandable tiny house has been studied following two important basic principles: reduce expenses and simplify work. In this way, a person, with a little help, can finish the construction without any problem. The roof covering can be made of zinc or aluminum plates, as they are resistant and […]

Basics Diy Tiny House on Wheels

Diy tiny house on wheels – Is it possible to build and live in a small house of a few square meters? Of course it is, but to do it you must have a free spirit. Living in a confined space can be a necessity suffered (as in the case of microscopic and expensive apartments […]

Backyard Tiny House Design

Backyard tiny house – Do you think decorating your backyard tiny house is a headache? Nothing further from reality. From the most ostentatious ideas such as designing a pool area or a barbecue to the simplest as a resting area where you only have multiple cushions, everything is possible with a little creativity. Want to […]

273 sf Tiny House Mansion

Tiny house mansion – According project from Japanese architect Kota Mizuishi, a surprising triangular house was built on the surface of a tiny area. Today What a past. Presents the plans of this mansion, it’s exterior and interior. It is hard to believe but this wonder only occupies 55 square meters. The house is very […]

Bungalow Tiny House Blueprints Free

Tiny house blueprints free – Whether you need to build new, rebuild, or just want to customize your tiny house in a different way? It’s a good idea to use a drawing program tiny house blueprints free on your computer. The so-called CAD-aided drafting software can help you make goal-fast drawings in a professional look. […]

200 Square Hgtv Tiny House on Wheels

Hgtv tiny house on wheels – Contrary to the general trend that pushes individuals to seek large houses and over-equipped, a new trend, coming from the United States, emerges today in France, that of tiny houses: small houses built most of time on wheels. Focus on a movement that combines ingenuity and low cost. It […]

Artist Smallest Tiny House

Smallest tiny house – Do you know that the price of the world’s smallest house is surprisingly high? The house of about 17 square meters is one of Stand’s absolute smallest and lacks all amenities. According to the real estate agent, a house in London is probably the world’s smallest house. Several buyers have shown […]

Bedroom Rustic Tiny House

Rustic tiny house – The rustic residence can combines the modern form of predominantly straight features and flat roof with rustic materials. Such as exposed clay bricks and demolition wood from the entrance door. The volume gives in, painted yellow, shows that the rustic style also blends perfectly with vibrant colors. The rustic style is […]