Awesome Storage Container Tiny House Ideas

The construction of storage container tiny house a few years ago sounded like something eccentric and even seedy, but the wonderful designs that can be obtained, allow to manufacture houses even luxury. In addition, with imagination and the help of a good architect, you can achieve container houses with the appearance of houses of wood […]

Famous Tiny House Tub

Tiny house tub – A lovely bathroom is the pride and joy of any house. One of the best features from the bathroom includes a bath and shower area. Many people choose to have a tub and shower wall surround to enhance the beauty of their bathroom and add to the comfort of their bathing […]

5th Wheel Tiny House Design Ideas

The front door in your 5th wheel tiny house should be noticeable. Even a small home needs a welcoming statement on the threshold, and the door color makes a strong expression. You can coordinate the front door color with existing and unchanging exterior colors, like brick walls or gray shingles. But a door that stands […]

Best Hawaii Tiny House Design

Hawaii tiny house – The trend in communities today wants to have a home that is practical and multi functional but still nice place to live. Not surprisingly, the minimalist style is often loved the little house was still lots of features. Some people say staying in the box, maybe its appropriate terms. However, a […]

Awesome Tiny House Sink

Tiny house sink – Copper is a trend in countertops. Copper sinks offer a farmhouse look into a kitchen. Although there are many benefits of installing a copper sink, not every aspect of owning one is favorable. Copper sinks have several disadvantages that can discourage some people from installing one. One of the biggest disadvantages […]

Advantages Tiny House Furniture Ikea

Tiny house furniture ikea – To make the tiny house furniture ikea look luxurious, can by refresh your legs. Think, it’s rarely the table top we notice when we get into a room. It’s rather the legs we see, and that’s why it’s just those we need to pay attention to. Prettypegsmakes smart legs for […]

Good Tiny House Architecture

Tiny house architecture – Although housing styles change over the years, the overall effect of the mix of the new with the old one is. Since many modern houses are capable lasting over a hundred years, some type of residential area is bound to be filled with many different styles and periods of single-family homes. […]

2 Story Tuff Shed Tiny House

Tuff shed tiny house – Usually they are not considered in the same way as architecture, yet the tuff sheds contain a large number of design themes. In general, a tuff shed is made of wood, with a frame-like structure similar to the traditional balloon-frame construction system. The infills may however be made of other […]