Cool Small 2 Story House

Regardless of size of room to decorate, wood is a versatile and warm material that will help you create sophisticated and cozy designs like this.  Contrary to what may seem, bathroom decoration is a matter that is gaining importance in home. That said, a great idea to decorate bathroom of small 2 story house with […]

Front Home Depot Small House Kits

This simple idea home depot small house kits porch is easy to make and totally affordable. A very functional design that gives a rustic character to the house and can be built with ease, since it has a completely independent structure based on wood, like its roof, creating a shaded space, with a passage of […]

Build Small Tree House

Small tree house – Who has never dreamed of having a house in a tree? Probably many of us, and it’s a dream that never goes away. It is that living in a tree not only puts us in close contact with nature, but also makes us transport ourselves, in our imagination, to the fantastic […]

Long Small House Trailer

Small house trailer – If you’ve been wanting to build your own house and you’re a bit short on budget, then we recommend you keep reading. This house that we will show you could be or be enough for some, although it’s exterior only looks like a trailer, inside it has a big surprise. The […]

Cool Small House with Loft

A small house with loft always has a special attraction. The attic is nothing but an extra space with a multitude of possibilities to explore. Do you have an attic in which you do nothing but accumulate junk? The time has come to give it a new image and optimize to the maximum an area […]

Build Small Country House

The main attraction of a small country house is its surroundings and enjoy nature. Therefore, the house can be small, without sacrificing functionality and comfort. Today we present small cottages with different designs, materials and styles, but with many things in common, such as functionality, comfort and aesthetic qualities and quality of materials, which serve […]

Its Small Shed Houses

In today’s book of ideas we are going to show you how modern style works perfectly in rather small shed houses. And since we are planning to take advantage of space, do not miss this other book of ideas with spectacular staircases for small houses. The modern style seeks experimentation, at the same time that […]

Happy Small Indoor Bounce House

Some children have a lot of energy and carry it out loud, no matter where they perform. Children with high energy levels can appreciate an environment that complements their energy level, such as a small indoor bounce house. Apart from free country for all bouncing inside a farewell home, children can play numerous games on […]

Childs Small Bounce House

Small bounce house – By saying that children can have fun alone, we are facing one of the greatest myths that exists. No doubt that they require our attention to ensure their protection and welfare, but also, they also seek to participate with them in their activities. And what better way to strengthen that interaction […]

Build Cheap Small Houses

Are you tired of decorating your cheap small houses but do not have much money to change it? Do not worry! There are endless things you can do to give a new look to the rooms of your home without the need to make a large investment. Pay attention to the cheap ideas to decorate […]