Build Small Beach House Plans

Small beach house plans – To add touches or strokes of color, you can opt for soft tones such as blue and green, marine and relaxing effect. Or you can dare with more vibrant and intense colors such as turquoise or green water. If you are thinking about changing the decoration of your small beach […]

Chic Small Beach House for Sale

Nobody imagines a small beach house for sale with interiors decorated in the purest classic style, with baroque furniture and damask textiles, why not? Rather, the houses on the coast logically transport us to marine environments full of light and dominated by a color palette based on whites and blues. That’s why when we look […]

Build Small Beach Houses

We have not done more than start June and we are all thinking about vacations. And it is logical, because with arrival of good weather and heat, we come to head a lot of summer memories. If you are one of those who love coast and you are lucky enough to have a little house […]

Modern Small Beach House Decorating Ideas

Summer exile is one of those mental escapes most common for all throughout year. And not a few dream of a recurring landscape: their second summer residence or small beach house decorating ideas. And just as you do not wear your office shirts to beach, nor do you usually go to work in a swimsuit, […]